Buying a car of your dream costs you an arm and a leg, so keeping it maintained to the highest standards becomes our responsibility. Many individuals believe that taking care of the engine is enough, but in reality car paint also need our attention. In order to keep the value of your car high, you need a paint correction service from time to time.

Shine Clinic Detailing is a specialist in restoring the scratched, faded and damaged paintwork to a smooth and shiny finishing once again. One of the most common causes of damage to the exterior of the car is DIY car washes. This DIY car wash often leads to the loosening of the trapped dirt grains or grit. The power wash pushes it around the surface of the car, and the end result is the scratching of the paintwork in the process.

Dont settle for an inferior paint correction service  Hire the experts

Car paint correction is a very complex and delicate process. So, this needs to be done only by the professional mechanic. In this process, Digital Paint Thickness Gauge is used to measure the paintwork of the car. All  areas of the car are analysed. It is to determine the level of paint that remains on the exterior of the car.

After that, clay barred, a resin mixture is used to remove all the contaminations and flawlessness of the car. It is then machine polished, especially in the areas of the scratches or blemishes to permanently remove it from the car exterior paintwork. This process requires the latest equipment like abrasive polishes, finishing polishes and buffing pads.

At Shine Clinic Detailing we don’t use products that contain fillers which quickly wash out within a few weeks.  We only use premium and quality polishes for this purpose.

How we carry out the process?


This process is best for the new cars and even if you are looking to enhance the finishing of your car paint. In this stage, all the swirls of the car are removed and are restored to their original condition.

  1. Pre foam and full exterior wash
  2.  Paint Clayed
  3.  Trims and rubbers taped up
  4.  Machine polish stage 1
  5.  Alcohol wipe down
  6.  Windows cleaned
  7.  Tires and Trims treated
  8.  Hand application of wax/sealant

Paint Enhancement/Correction

This second stage of car paint correction can get rid of light to mild swirls and scratched almost by 85%. It improves the gloss of the paint. It is best for vehicles with dark and solid colours.

  1. Pre-foam & full exterior wash
  2. Paint Clayed
  3. Trims and rubbers taped up
  4. Machine polish Stage 2
  5. Alcohol wipe down
  6. Windows cleaned
  7. Tyres and Trims treated
  8. Hand application of wax/sealan

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Full Paint Correction

This process is only for those who want a defect-free paint finish, best clarity, and premium reflections. Our expert mechanics can proficiently remove or lessen as many defects as possible. In the end, leaving a good amount of paint coat to avert the fading of the paint in the future.

  1. Pre foam & full exterior wash- need two washes before and after the process
  2. Paint clayed
  3. Trims and rubbers taped up
  4.  machine polish 3 – 5 Stage
  5.  Alcohol wipe down
  6. Windows cleaned
  7. Tires and Trims treated
  8. Hand application of wax/sealant

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