These days almost everyone has a car. At the time people buy a car, they make one of the biggest investments of their life. So, people make sure their car look spotless and new all the time. But not many have time to take their car to a mobile auto shop for the service. To those, Shine Clinic Detailing provides Mobile car detailing Sydney services. We are serving the customers since 1992.

Car detailing is a service that is similar to the house renovation. At the time client hire us for the service, we make sure to serve them better then they expect from us. We are proud to say that our services are the best all-around in Sydney.

Mobile Car Detailing Sydney services

  1. At the time the client hires us for the service, we came to their home or office on time. It is rare that we arrive late, and if this happens, we make sure to inform the client about it.
  2. The products we use for car detailing are the best. You get the results fromcar our service that last for long.
  3. Workers we send at your door for the service are qualified. They are well-trained and know what they are doing. We assure you that they will not give you any chance to complain.
  4. The service we provide in car detailing is proper washing with quality soap, treatment of car paint protection, and we also do the waxing of external area.
  5. Our services are available for the client seven days a week. The service timings are also quite suitable. So, you don’t have to worry much.
  6. The payment method is also very simple.
  7. Lastly, we keep everything transparent from our customer. Our service is also customer friendly.


Clean Detail and wheel clean

Availability of service at a competitive price

All our services are available at a competitive price. We don’t keep anything hidden from our customers. If they ask us to breakdown the price, we do for them. For us, it is important to make things easy or for customers. We are not like the companies that tell different price to the customers in the beginning and later demand extra.

Get in touch with us!

Book our service today, by calling us at 0481 083 258. If you have any questions related to our service, or you want to the price for the service. Contact us our team will respond to you within no time.