Sydney’s Premium Detailers – Shine Clinic Detailing

Using only the best technology from around the world to ensure we bring that shine back to your vehicle.

Exterior Paint Correction (2 Stage/ 3 Stage)


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  • Call out to your home
  • Exterior professionally washed to remove dirt and road grime.
  • Wheels decontaminated with non-caustic cleaners to bring out their true shine.
  • Full car chamois dried by hand to prepare paint for clay treatment.
  • Clay bar treatment applied to paintwork as a final decontamination stage leaving the paintwork smooth to touch
  • Full car machine polished using compound to remove paint defects and minor scuffs/ scratches.
  • Machine polished using swirl remover to get glass like shine and remove majority of swirling.
  • Waxed to bring out a deep gloss in your paintwork and add protection.
  • Exterior plastics dressed with latest additive to protect and revitalise their shine​
  • Door jambs cleaned.
  • Tyres and wheel arches dressed.