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Ceramic Paint Protection

From $750

Ceramic paint protection is the best and the most effective way to give your car an unbelievable level of gloss and keep your paintwork protected all at the same time. Ceramic paint protection is a protective layer for your car’s paintwork. Whilst it may seem similar to a car wax or a sealant it is not, ceramic paint protection is far more advanced when compared to any other paint protection process. Ceramic paint protection uses nanotechnology to create a hard shell on top of your car’s paintwork. Once this formula bonds with the paint, it acts as a defensive shield for your car against various types of contaminants and minor scratches.

Benefits of ceramic coatings in Sydney

Key Benefits of Shine Clinic Ceramic Paint Protection:

9H Strength Level – Ceramic paint protection has varying degrees of hardness, with 9H being the highest level of hardness available on the market hence providing the best level of protection for your paintwork against light scratching and swirling. Ceramic paint protection will also protect your paintwork against UV rays, most road chemicals, and organic matter such as bird droppings.

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Extreme Gloss – Ceramic coating applies a deep gloss to your car’s paintwork. Unlike waxes and sealants that wear off quickly, ceramic paint protection provides a deep lasting shine that lasts years.

Hydrophobic properties

Hydrophobic – Ceramic coating is hydrophobic so it will repel water and other road contaminants and create a type of non-stick barrier on your paintwork, making it quicker and easier to wash and dry your car.

Shine clinic paint protection package

5 Year Protection – Super Shield ceramic paint protection is Australian made and comes with a 5-year warranty keeping your investment safe for many years to come (T’s and C’s apply). Each coating will come with a certificate of warranty specific to your vehicle to ensure there are no surprises down the track.

Happy Customers – With thousands of happy customers throughout Sydney and almost a decade in the industry, we know how to get the best results for your car.

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Ceramic Paint Protection

This package is perfect to protect the paintwork on your vehicle. This package includes:

  • Completely Mobile Service – We Come To You
  • Wash and decontamination of exterior
  • Clay bar treatment to paintwork
  • Stage 1 Paint Correction Included Free Of Charge – benefits include:
    – Removing minor swirling to provide an extreme shine
    – Improving coating adhesion to prolong protection
  • 5 Year Ceramic Paint Protection applied

Prices from as low as $750! 

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Add On Services

Additional services that can be added to your paint protection service:

  • Additional paint correction = From $300
  • Extra layer of ceramic coating = From $200
  • Wheel faces ceramic coated (4 wheels) = From $200
  • Glass ceramic coating = From $200
  • Interior ceramic coating = From $400

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do ceramic coatings have a hardness rating?

Ceramic coatings have varying degrees of hardness and different amounts of silica content. This composition provides a certain level of protective resistance for your car’s paint from light scratches, UV rays, some road chemicals and bird dropping. The best ceramic coatings on the market have a 9H hardness rating.

How will the ceramic coating be applied to my car?

Once your vehicle is decontaminated and prepared we apply the ceramic coating by hand using a special applicator pad one panel at a time. It then cures at room temperature over the next 24 hours, during which the vehicle cannot get wet.

How long does ceramic coating last?

Our Ceramic coating will form a long lasting chemical bond with your paintwork. Actual durability will vary depending on the types of conditions your vehicle is exposed to and how well the paintwork is maintained. The chemical resistant properties of our ceramic coating means it will not be washed off during your regular wash routine. Neglecting your paintwork, such as failure to wash the vehicle regularly, abrasive washing processes or the use of polishes will reduce the performance and durability of the ceramic coating.

Will ceramic coating protect my car from scratches and stone chips?

No, ceramic coatings, along with other chemically applied treatments do not offer protection from scratches and stone chips. It will however provide resistance to light scratches due to its 9H hardness rating which is much stronger than factory clear coat.

Can my car be ceramic coated even if it is not a new vehicle?

Yes, ceramic coating can be applied to almost any vehicle, but older vehicles tend to need more preparation and polishing before a application of a ceramic coating. Please contact us for a custom quote.

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