Are you looking for the ultimate protection for your car? Have you considered applying the ceramic coating? Getting ceramic coating near me service is worth it. It lasts for approximately 2 years and not weeks. Shine Clinic Detailing possesses specialists who proficiently apply the ceramic coating, and the end result is ultra-high gloss finishing. So if you desire to have your car exterior having a showroom quality finishing, then you need ceramic coating.

Ceramic Coating Near Me

Car owners are always concerned about protecting the paintwork and have an exotic luxury car look. They use car wax, paint sealants, or even have a car detailing service, but one of the most effective and popular products for car paint protection is ceramic coating.

This product not only keeps your car finishing glossy and shiny for several years, while also provide ultimate protection against contaminants that could degrade the curb appeal of the car.

Although a wide range of ceramic paint protection products is available in the market. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something that is long-lasting, then our ceramic car coating can protect your car from UV damage, chemical stains, scratches, oxidization, hard water marks, bird dropping, and much more. After it is applied, it makes the washing easy and enhances the gloss and shine. In a nutshell, your car value is maintained.

How we apply Ceramic Coating to Cars? 

1. We fully wash and dry the car before we apply the car ceramic coating.

2. To remove the surface contamination we clay the car

3. If your paint is fading, has scratches, swirls, or marks, then with ceramic coating, you get to lock these imperfections in.

4. Our specialists use a pre-cleaner like Gyeon Prep to wipe the car surface free of oils and residue. So, this prepares the car for the application of the ceramic coating.

5. Microfibre suede cloth is wrapped around the foam block and then apply the coating onto the applicator.

6. Our specialists spread the coating evenly over the small section of the car paint surface.

7. It is left for 20 seconds, then use a clean super-soft microfibre towel to completely wipe it off.

8. After one panel is completed, the wipe-off cloth is used again over the panel to make sure no smears or residue is left behind and is fully wiped off. After this, they move on to the next panel.

Ceramic coating near me

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