Car paint protection is an additional service offered by the dealers to those who buy a new car. People love to avail of this offer, as it increases the life of the car. It is also seen that many pays didn’t pay much attention to it, as they believe keeping the car engine is enough. This is not right as each part of the vehicle has an important role, and keeping them up to date is your duty. It is also important to keep the best shape because it is the second big investment you ever made after buying a house. Also, the paint protection service keeps the vehicle value stable for a long time. So, if you made up your mind and willing to get this service, you better contact Shine Clinic Detailing.

We have experience in restoring paint of the car. Whether the color of your car is damage due to any reason or the scratches are visible, we will fix it for you. In a little time, your car paint will shine as it is new. People also think that paint protection service something in the car. We like to tell you that is not right. In the process, a protection layer is added to the paint, which no one can see. It protects the car paint from chips, tree sap, bird droppings, and other things.

Car paint protection service available

You can get a Ceramic paint protection service from us. It is a protective layer that keeps the paint safe from damage more than a year or 2. If you take care of the car well, it might serve you for up to 5 years straight. The ceramic coating not only protects the car paint but also keep it shiny and glossy. It also protects the paint from harmful sun rays, chemical stains, scratches and many other things.

Those who think was also a good solution; we like to tell them to wax only provide shine to the car. The wax didn’t play any role in protecting the car paint from any kind of harm.

What is the application process for paint protection?

As now that you know what is applied to the car paint to keep it protected, you might be curious to know what is the applying process. The process is quite simple and easy to understand.

  • Before we start the process, we make sure that the car body is neat and clean. For that, we wash the car and dry it completely.
  • If there is any scratch or some other damage on the paint, we make sure to get rid of it. Because once we apply the coating, the faults will stay there for the longest time, until you bring the car in again for coating.
  • Our team make sure to apply the coating evenly on each part of the car, as otherwise, it looks messy.

Now, we come across a client who thinks it is possible to apply a protection layer on the car on their own. We like to warn them better don’t try this home. We take a lot of safety precautions before starting the process, as it is quite harmful

Is getting car paint protection worth it?

At the time people contact us for the service, it is the question they ask from us, as many believe spending this much on the vehicle is not worth it. Our answer to those is, Yes, it is completely worthy. The investment you make here is to secure the resale value of the car. No one really knows when they have to sell a car due to some reasons. It is when no one like to sell it at a low price. Keep in mind that people don’t do with the car that performs well only. They like to have a car that looks good too.

Even if you don’t want to sell a car and thinking that you will paint a car, when needed, reconsider your thought. Painting a car didn’t come cheap. It is a detailed process that not only take a lot of time but cost money too.


Car paint protection pricing

The other main concern of the customer is the price of the service price. We always tell our customer charges that are reasonable. At the time the client books our service, we didn’t tell them any price for the service on the phone. We do a complete assessment of the vehicle at time client bring the car to us. one thing we like to clear to our customers is that we don’t charge any penny for the assessment. Once we get to know how much work is needed, only then we tell the price to the customer.

Our service charges are free from any hidden price. So, you don’t have to worry that we demand extra from you at the end of the service. Also, you don’t have to pay us in advance. Pay the charges at the end of the service, once you feel satisfied. Also, our service comes with a warranty. It is something that also gives peace of mind to the customer.


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We believe that transparency and good behaviour towards the client is the key to success. It is the reason we don’t hide anything from our customers. Also, we train our workers and customer care staff. They deal with the customer nicely. You can ask anything from them related to the service and our company. They will provide answers to you in detail.

If you ate visiting our website for the first time and looking for a paint protection service for a car, give us a chance. For sure we will not disappoint you even a bit, as our previous record is also good. We value the client’s money and work with 100% honesty. Also, the packages we offer are quite good. You can personalize them if you want too. To contact us you can call us at 0481 083 258 or email us at Our customer care staff will answer your request within a day.