Many might think that there is no difference between car detailing and car wash, but we Shine Clinic Detailing like to tell there is. A standard car detailing service makes your vehicle look better than ever. We offer this vehicle detailing service to our respected clients at a suitable price. We are specialized, use the latest technology and techniques that provide long term results

What is car detailing?

If you are among those who are hearing about this service for the first time, you are about to get a surprise then. The service means that the car went through the deep cleaning process. Very unique, special, and quality products are used for this service. It is a service for the car that makes the car look brand new without repairing anything or painting a car.

Enjoy quality car detailing service at a reasonable price:

At the time you contact us for the service, we not only pay attention to cleaning and reconditioning of cars exterior but interior too. We also eliminate the scratches that affect car beauty. We make sure to restore the paintwork of your car. We use products that also save the car from getting minor scratches later. The car wash only removes mud and dust from the vehicle, but car detailing takes everything one step ahead. Our service last long, as we vacuum, buffed, and polish.

The rates depend on the service client take from us. If the vehicle is huge in size but the work, we have to do is little, you will pay less. Similarly, if the vehicle size is little, but the work our team needs to do is a lot, you will pay accordingly. Still, our charges are budget-friendly. We make sure to compare our service charges from our competitors in order to provide a cost-effective service to our customers.

Our service is free of hidden charges.

We are not like companies who gave nasty surprises to the customers at the end of the service. We keep things clear from our customers. Once our worker sees the vehicle, we tell the right price you have to pay for service. The price is fixed, and there is no chance it will increase later. In other words, our car detailing service is free from hidden charges.

Car detailing

Exterior car detailing

  • The process begins with the exterior; first, we wash the car to remove dust and mud from the vehicle. We use soap to soften the dirt and grime as it makes the cleaning easy.
  • To get rid of stubborn stains and dust particles, we use special brushes. We mainly use the brush to clean the spots like a wheel, calipers, lug nuts, brakes, and so on. These are the spots that take time and effort while cleaning.
  • We make sure to wash the paintwork well and then clean it from top to bottom by using special tools and microfiber towels.
  • A clay bar is used to remove dust that left because of some reason.
  • If needed, once the washing is done, we polish the paint well by hand or by using the machine.
  • The final job we do to finish the exterior job is applying the protective layer on the paint. we use quality wax

Interior car detailing

The interior process with the vacuuming and shampooing of the upholstery car has inside. It is one thing that allows us to remove all the dust and stains upholstery have.

Once the cleaning is done, we mover towards the polishing of interior glass.

If the interior of your car has leather, we use another method to clean, so it stays safe from damage.

Advantages you enjoy from car detailing service.

The benefits of this service are a lot. First of all, the service maintains the value of the car;

also, it provides extra protection to your vehicle from UV rays. The sun causes a lot of damage to the car. It not only affects the exterior of the car badly but the interior. The car detailing service makes sure everything stays fine, even if you park your car outside.

Who seeks out Shine Clinic Detailing?

Our service is for all, but mainly our people who contact us for the service are:

  • Vehicle owners who own prestige cars and want to keep them in good condition.
  • Those who are about to sell a vehicle and looking for good deals.
  • One about to present a car family member or friend as a gift.


Mobile car detailing Sydney service

We like to tell our customers that we also offer a mobile car detailing service. At the time you hire this service from us, our team arrive at your home or anywhere else your car is to provide service. Our team bring all the tools and products with them for the service.

  • The booking process for this service is also very simple. You can schedule everything from your home easily. Just tell us about the package you want to get.
  • Once you pick the package, you need to tell us the date and time. Our team arrive at the location without any delay.
  • Our team will serve you and will try there best to meet your expectations.
  • Once the process is done, it is when you pay. There is no need for you pay in advance.


Why choose us for car detailing service Sydney?


  • We provide on-time and quality service to the customer at a competitive price.
  • Our service is timing our quite flexible. So, you don’t have to worry much.
  • The booking process for the service is quite simple and easy to follow.
  • The workers we have appointed for this service are trained and skilled. They will not give you any chance of complaints.
  • We are honest, and our behavior towards the customer is friendly.
  • At the time we serve the customer, we give them a surety that the results will last longer.
  • The packages we have designed for the customer are quite good. You can also customize them if you want to.
  • The customer care staff of ours is supportive. You can ask anything from them related to our company and services. They will guide you well