Sometimes traditional car wash is not enough to get the desired shine. People usually think that there is no significant difference between car washing and car detailing Sydney. With car detailing, you get the supreme finishing that gives your car a luxurious appeal. At Shine Clinic Detailing you can get this service at best prices done by the specialists. So if you need car detailing service then look no further then Shine Clinic Detailing.

Moreover, our highly skilled and trained mechanics use state of the art equipment and innovative techniques. Our car detailing will provide long-lasting protection and marvellous finishes. To give you peace of mind, all of our work has a minimum 12-month guarantee on all our services.

What is Car Detailing?

If you don’t have any idea about car detailing, don’t worry, we will guide you. In car detailing process, your car will undergo a thorough and deep cleaning from top to bottom. The specialists use specialized tools and products for this purpose. They will perform minor touch-ups without getting paintwork or body repair.

By getting car detailing you are increasing the life span of your car. A car needs proper care, and if you neglect this aspect, then the car’s expensive upholstery may fade away. This leaves an adverse effect on the cars performance, electronics and safety systems. Detailing helps in keeping the car in good condition.

At Shine Clinic Detailing you get full car detailing and we have been providing this service for 25 years. This shows that we have garnered all the relevant skills and possess expertise in achieving customer satisfaction and exceeding their expectations. Give us a chance, and get your car detailing done by our specialists and we assure you won’t be disappointed



Exterior Car Detailing

1. We begin our detailing process with a thorough exterior wash that removes all the dirt. We allow the soap to stay and form a foam on the mud or dirt area to make it soften. It makes it easy to remove from the car surface.

2. Our specialists use specialised brushes and cleaning products to remove the dust and filth from the wheels, brake callipers, lug nuts and much more.

3. Paintwork is washed from top to bottom with microfiber towels and dry it with washing mitts.

4. We use an automotive clay bar to remove the stubborn dirt.

5. If necessary, we then polish the paint using a cutting-edge machine.

6. For a final touch, we apply a protective layer on your car paint using high-quality paste wax





Interior Car Detailing

1. Our specialist’s vacuum and shampoo inside upholstery to remove dirt and stains.

2. We wipe and polish the interior glass.

3. For leather interiors, we condition the leather and give it a thorough cleaning.

Benefits of Car Detailing

1. Your car’s value is maintained

2. Gives ultimate protection

3. Give keen attention to detail on every part of your car



Get Your Vehicle Shine With Professional Car Detailing 

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