Today you can see that buying a car is not as big of a deal as it was before. One glance at jammed traffic and you will be amazed at how many people own the automobiles. Not long ago there were a few selective mechanics who knew the mechanisms of a car. Now the times have changed and you can effortlessly search for car detailing near me.

Cars have become more complex with hydraulic and electrical battery engines. The dashboards and windshields are made with intricate details. If you break down the car parts you will be surprised by the micro designing of everything. Even trivial things like glasses and car covers are well designed.

Often people who come to us mistake car detailing with washing. There is a common misunderstanding that they are the same thing. It is better if you eliminate that mistake right from the start. We at Shine clinic detailing offer you to get your car detailed by us for an eye opener. We realize that you want your cars to run smoothly even if they are old or recently bought. Each human mind feels at ease if their vehicle does not pose any threat of accidents.

What is Car Detailing Near Me?

Car detailing is like the renovation of your houses. If there is a problem then instead of worrying over buying a new one, we modify it in way that the worries vanish. The car will be as good as a recent launch. Additionally, car detailing by us involves thousands of tools and dozens of cleaning products.

If there is a seat hole or a permanent stain it will be removed. Even so, the deep scratches can also remove by our impressive tips! Other than car painting and changing car parts it accounts for everything. We make sure your car will greet you with a clean and sleek look.

You may think that if you are coming with a dirty car, detailing will just remove dust from the front and underlines of the seat. While that is true our experts will open the whole system and clear out the vents. Not a speck of direct is found in the exterior and the interior.




Services you should look forward to:

At Shine Clinic detailing we provide exceptional services. We take pride in dividing our customer service in a wide range of ways. Car detailing is majorly divided into two classes according to the standards applied in every shop. There is external and internal cleaning. These are done separately so that each step receives equal attention.

External detailing of vehicles:

The body of the car catches the eyes first. We utilize techniques that can revive almost any type of damage. Continue reading to find the solutions we deliver:



1 Washing with soap and detergents:

Our first step is very simple. We use a water hose to completely soak the car. Because of soaking the sticking dirt softens and does not resist during removal. Did you know that in the first full-speed water wash almost all the surface dirt is removed? We use quality solutions that will bring back the shine of the car coat.

2 Scaling:

Scaling involves using a brush to remove dust from every nook and cranny. It brings out the grime and stones from wheel screws, lung nuts, bolt holes, grills, and window channels. Often, we need to inspect small areas because the hosed water is unable to reach the dirt.

3 Car paint treatment:

Have you noticed that even clean water drops leave a mark when dried? To prevent that we use clays. Clays can remove any marks from the paint, metal, and glass. Moreover, we advise using extremely soft fabric materials that will put no scratches on the car. You can rub the area clean to match your satisfaction

4 waxing of the whole external area:

The second last step to the external cleaning is waxing. Waxing is like an extra protective layer that has multiple functions. We use top-notch waxes like Magnuair liquid wax and CarGuys Hybrid wax to add blinding shine to the paint. Variation of waxes are used that will replace the need for buffing and polishing. It is our guarantee that by now no area could have escaped the cleaning procedure.

Our company takes pride in using respective products for each area of the car. We realize significance of quality material specifically chosen to form that area

Internal detailing of vehicles:

The internal of the car should be relaxing and soothing.  Our internal plans of detailing will give you pride if not your car partner. Nobody would hesitate to enjoy a ride with you!


  1. Air conditioning and vent cleaning:

If you have not cleaned your vents for more than two months then take a break and inspect them. Can you imagine the air you are inhaling inside your car? To protect your lungs from particles modify filters are installing. For thorough cleaning, we use specialized air vent plungers and sponges. Our procedures can overcome any tricky cleaning and maintenance.

2 Electrical system:

Engineers have developed savvy cars that run on electrical motors. You should keep check of plugins and wires that attach the batteries to the car. Over time they lose their potency and power. We replace the old ones with standard cables that save energy and danger of sparking.

3 Break Repairing:

The first thing we mentioned was the difference between washing and detailing. This is where that difference comes in handy. We check the breaks, tune-ups, and engine repairs. In the case of hindrance, we offer deals at affordable prices that you can avail of. The break is an essential part of the car and if not tended regularly it can cause problems.

4 Perfuming and shampooing the fabric:

Permanent stains can remove. We offer wet vacuuming of seats. You can see a clear difference in the cleaned area. Seats are returning back to their original color and this can be done for both fabric and leather seats. You do not have to wait for hours to dry the inside. It will dry as soon as the wet vacuum washes the area.

Shine clinic detailing always perfumes the inside with diffusers that are sustainable. You can choose a blend of your favorite scents. The inside will smell fresh and clean. We pledge that your well-spent money will reflect in our work

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