Are you in the market for a car detail? Searching for Car Detailing Near me? Well we have you sorted. It is expected that once you have booked with us, your car will be transformed into the condition you have always dreamed of.

The automotive refinishing industry is becoming more and more advanced with each day that passes. New ceramic coatings, paint protection films and even clear coats are added daily. It can be overwhelming to navigate this industry at times. Rest assured, when booking with Shine Clinic Detailing you are booking with the best in the business.

Often people who come to us mistake car detailing with washing. There is a common misunderstanding that they are the same thing. It is better if you eliminate that mistake right from the start. We at Shine Clinic Detailing offer you to get your car detailed by us for an eye opener.

What is Car Detailing Near Me?

Car detailing is one of the most important services in the automotive refinishing industry. Our aim is to give every customer the best possible service matched with outstanding results. We strive to polish, clean and protect every surface of your vehicle until your satisfaction is met.

Our skills and training is where we really strive. All our technicians are fully trained and come with a flurry of skills and knowledge. It is our proudest moment when we handover the keys to your freshly cleaned whip and you look at us and say WOW.

Booking a service is easy. Send us the information on the request form and our head detailer will give you a call to book in your service and answer all questions you may have.




Services you should look forward to:

At Shine Clinic detailing we provide exceptional services. We take pride in dividing our customer service in a wide range of ways. Car detailing is majorly divided into two classes according to the standards applied in every shop. There is external and internal cleaning. These are done separately so that each step receives equal attention.

External detailing of vehicles:

The body of the car catches the eyes first. We utilize techniques that can revive almost any type of damage. Continue reading to find the solutions we deliver:



1: 24 Step wash process

Our unique wash system is far superior compared to industry standard. It starts with a high pressure cleaning of all areas of the exterior. The car is then foamed and left to loosen the remaining dirt. After a second pressure wash, the whole car is washed, brushed and cleansed of all dirt. After this is it pressure washed again then soaked for a second time in snow foam. In this step all paint and glass is decontaminated using clay. Final wash stage is then followed and the car is dried.

2: Scaling

Scaling involves using a brush to remove dust from every nook and cranny. It brings out the grime and stones from wheel screws, lung nuts, bolt holes, grills, and window channels. Often, we need to inspect small areas because the hosed water is unable to reach the dirt.

3: Machine paint correction

This is where the magic happens. This step is the most satisfying to watch as the paint is literally transformed in front of your eyes. The paintwork is machine polished to remove webbing, swirls and light scratches. This will then deepen the depth of paint and make it look like a mirror.

4: Paint Protection

This is the step whereby the paint is protected from environmental factors and to leave a lasting shine. This is dependent on budget and the needs for the vehicle. We can add a Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection, a wax, or hybrid paint sealants and nanocoatings. It is all dependent on your budget and what you are going to do to maintain the finish.

Internal detailing of vehicles:

The interior is where you spend most of your time. It is essential to keep the interior clean. When detailing the interior of your vehicle, we use a combination of vacuums, compressed air, steam and shampooers. These all work hand in hand to give you the best possible outcome for stain removal and interior protection. All surfaces are cleaned, treated and protected.

Perfuming and shampooing the fabric:

Permanent stains can remove. We offer wet vacuuming of seats. You can see a clear difference in the cleaned area. Seats are returning back to their original color and this can be done for both fabric and leather seats.

Shine clinic detailing always perfumes the inside with diffusers that are sustainable. You can choose a blend of your favorite scents. The inside will smell fresh and clean. We pledge that your well-spent money will reflect in our work.